• SKRILO +CHANCES offers you FREE CHANCES (think “FREE TICKETS”) that you can collect to participate in the Skrilo LUCKY DRAW.  You DO NOT HAVE TO PAY Skrilo anything at all!  PLEASE NOTE: There is NO GUARANTEED WIN in the Lucky draw. So participate only if you think there is zero financial downside and maybe good upside while you experience awesome deals, content and brand campaigns.
  • You will receive 10 to 12 deals / promotions during the day typically between 8 am and 10 pm.
  • A deal, content or promotion you view is an opportunity to collect Chance(s) or Ticket(s) towards Skrilo Pool Wins. Every time you collect a chance / ticket you are automatically entered into the daily and weekly draw. You do not have to do anything else. No betting, No payment and No purchase is necessary.
  • There are two types of Rewards in the Skrilo pool: (i) Free Prize Lucky Draw and (ii) Leaderboard Awards. While, both can be won with the chances you collect, there are clear differences. (see section below on Lucky Draw Awards and Leaderboard Awards).
  • Pool winner selections happens at the end of each day (midnight). A bigger bonanza happens at the end of each week on Saturday midnight (winner picks start at 00:00:01 am on Sunday). The Winning selection process continues till all the winners for the Pools are selected.
  • Each app user is offered an equal opportunity to collect their chances. However your usage and views decide how many chances you actually have and your odds of winning.
  • Chances offered to you for collection expire every 24 hours. So if you receive a notification at 11:00 am today. the opportunity to collect that chance will expire at 11:00 am the following day. DO NOT miss out and collect the chances by viewing our sponsor campaigns in time. This helps you in improving your odds of winning.
  • When a notification is sent and you view / engage with a campaign on the same day (that is before midnight) you get to collect 2 chances towards the Free Prize Draw. However if you do so after midnight but before the chance expires in 24 hours, you will collect 1 chance for the same.
  • You can earn more chances for the daily and weekly draw, if you complete your profile.
  • You can earn more chances when you Connect with Facebook.
  • For every friend that registers on Skrilo app with your invite, you will get 2 more campaign views to collect additional lucky draw chances. Remember to grab them, as the opportunity expires within 24 hours.
  • If you use a friend’s Invite Link to install and register with the app, you earn 10 extra chances to get started.


  • The Free Lucky Draw Prize pool offers you an opportunity to win bonanza prizes if you get lucky. Our goal is to make the win amounts meaningfully large, so that they can make a real difference in the lives of people – one step at a time. You can live this dream at no cost to you.
  • The available awards for the Lucky Draw is shown in the Prizes section of the App, under the title “Lucky Draw Prize Pool”.  Do not confuse with awards for the Leaderboard Prize Pool.
  • You collect your free chances or tickets by viewing the campaigns, content, deals and promotions we push to you. It is as simple as that! The engagement makes you an automatic contender in the free prize draws.
  • All the chances (tickets) that you have collected in a day are entered into the daily draw at the end of the day; and your previous daily chances are reset to zero for the start of a fresh daily cycle. Similarly, all the chances (tickets) that you have collected in a week are entered into the weekly draw at the end of the week; and your previous weekly chances are reset to zero for the start of a fresh weekly cycle. Similar concept will be applied if we run monthly or quarterly draws.
  • Your phone number is entered into an array (list) along with other users as many times as the chances you have in hand for that period for which the draw is being run.  The Computer then randomly picks rows of winning phone numbers from this list.  So if there were only two players in this game, and Player A collected 7 chances and Player B collected 3 chances, then the phone number of Player A is put in the list 7 times and the phone number of Player B is entered 3 times. The probability of picking A from a list of 10 rows is 7 out of 10 and for B it is 3 out of 10. However, it is possible that Player B gets picked as lucky winner by chance.
  • As a user you can maximize your probability by having more chances or tickets in hand.
  • Please note that a user’s Rank has no meaning in the Lucky Draw Prize Pool.  Everyone’s name is entered in the Lucky Draw with the chances/tickets each has in hand and winners are selected at random.
  • We provide equal opportunity to each user in terms of campaign / content views. However, each user may be able to collect more chances via referrals (Please see more on referrals under the Social Section).
  • Skrilo may use its discretion to keep black out periods for certain tiers of prizes to ensure a broad based opportunity to win.


  • Skrilo recognizes that some users go out of the way to earn extra chances and do so using the referral program. In order to appreciate their efforts Skrilo created the Leaderboard awards in addition to the Lucky Draw prizes. This provides an assured amount paid to users who are are in the top ranks.  It is our way of saying Thank You for these top achievers.
  • The available awards for the Leaderboard is shown in the Prizes section of the App, under the title “Leaderboard Prize Pool”.  Do not confuse with awards for the Lucky Draw Prize Pool.
  • If Skrilo is giving away 50 Daily Leaderboard awards, then your Daily Rank at cut-off point (midnight) should be in the Top 50. Similarly, we look at the Weekly Ranks for the Weekly Leaderboard awards.
  • If two users have the same number of chances, then the user who got there first, is ranked higher.
  • Assume a scenario that Skrilo is giving away top 50 Leaderboard awards and 500 Lucky Draw awards; and your Rank is 51 or higher. Kindly do not presume you should have won out of the 500 Lucky Draw awards. Your rank did not qualify you to win the assured Leaderboard award. Besides the rank has got nothing to do with the Lucky Draw Awards.
  • We show you in the Daily Leaderboard and Weekly Leaderboard, the people leading the pack at that point of time and the chances they have. Since you know the number of chances you have, you can assess what it will take to get to those top ranks.


  • You can earn more chances when you Connect with Facebook.
  • You can invite friends by going to the Settings section and using any of the invite options that suits you best.
  • For every friend that successfully registers on Skrilo app after they click on your invite link, you will get 2 more campaign views which allows you to collect more chances. Remember to grab them, as the opportunity expires within 24 hours.
  • When you register for the first time with a friend’s invite, you can get 10 extra chances.
  • Skrilo respects your privacy and your activity is not posted on Facebook, unless you voluntarily decide to invite friends or share your winning news.


  • Payout details are available in the Prize folder.
  • If you win in the Lucky Draw, you will be sent a notification. You can claim your cash prize(s), with a Wallet (e.g. Paytm or Paypal) transfer or with Cheque for higher amounts. You will NOT see the Claim feature if you have not yet won.
  • If your key information in the Profile section (e.g. birth date) is incorrect, your prize claim will get rejected. So ensure you give CORRECT information upfront. If you try to change it after winning, Skrilo App will Automatically NULLIFY your win. You lose that claim and all chances earned up to that point.
  • High Cash rewards may require your Tax Identification (e.g. PAN card in India) in order to process the claim. If you do not have a TAX ID, you can get one within the 75 days window to claim.
  • Only Tax paying residents of eligible age are entitled to win cash prize.
  • Your win claims need to be first approved by compliance prior to a transfer. It can take 4-5 business days to process your claims to any wallet. Processing cheque claims may take longer.
  • Skrilo is liable to pay only for those wins, where a proper claim with authentic information of the winner has been submitted.
  • Skrilo reserves the right to act against any fraudulent methods adopted by any user in winning as well as if the user is determined as under age (e.g. below 18 years in India).
  • If the user wins have been left unclaimed for more than 48 hours in case of non-taxable rewards and more than 75 days in case of taxable rewards, since the day of winner notification or draw date; the award will be considered forfeited by the winner.


  • The Offers you save while collecting your chances appear in the “Saved Offers” folder. You can Redeem and/or Share these deals and offers.
  • Offers are of two types (i) Online Redemption and (ii) Instore Redemption. Don’t forget to check both these tabs for offers you may have saved.
  • Coupons/deals may be available for a limited time only; so check for its expiry date. Sometimes, deals may change from the time the campaign was run. Skrilo cannot control how frequently third party sites change their offer.
  • You can redeem your “In-Store” coupons by showing it to the person at the counter and pressing “Redeem”.
  • Update your deal preferences in Settings section to get the offers that are of your interest.


  • Why does my app not load?  Please check your network connectivity. 2G experience can be slow. Sometimes, even if your phone suggests 4G you may not be on it. Using WiFi will allow for a better Skrilo Experience.
  • I invited my friend but did not get referral chances? One of the following may have happened (i) your friend did not successfully register with the Skrilo app (ii) S/He did not use your invited link to install the app. (iii) You had bad connectivity when trying to send the invite.
  • Can I use the Skrilo App if I reset my phone?  Factory reset of your phone will not allow you to use the Skrilo app on the same device.
  • I have a new phone device but same phone number. Can I use my old Skrilo account? YES, You need to install Skrilo and register from the same number to get old chances.
  • I have a new phone number. Can I use my old Skrilo account? NO, Please note you will have to register for a new account. Old chances will be reset to zero.
  • My Wallet phone number is different than that of Skrilo. How can I get paid? Skrilo can only transfer to the Wallet that has the same phone number as used by you to register with Skrilo. Kindly create a wallet linked to your Skrilo account phone number.
  • How can I get in touch with Skrilo team?  You can write to us at support@skrilo.com






Skrilo vs. “take your pick” . This is how Skrilo perceives it stands out from the rest of the crowd.

Our observation was simple. With many current gratification programs one can get rewarded for a bit here and a bit there – but does it really move the needle for anyone? Unfortunately, we wish to be rewarded at the drop of a hat, but that gets us pennies!

Skrilo Lucky Draws wishes to change that. Yes, it calls for an understanding that a reward is not guaranteed. However, it does not call for any financial risk. Patience can be extremely rewarding.

In finance, we say – if downside is zero, and optionality is high – it’s a good trade.

Just Skrilo




We would like to explain to Skriloer’s the two reward programs that Skrilo Offers:

(1) Lucky Draw Wins  and  (2) Leader-Board Wins

Lucky Draw Wins: The first kind of reward we give out is the Daily and Weekly Lucky Draw. In this what matters is the chances (or free tickets) in hand. If you had let’s say 20 chances at the end of a day, your phone number is entered 20 times in a long list of phone numbers at the end of day/month as relevant. From this list, the computer randomly selects the lucky winners. The rank is irrelevant in determining the lucky draw winners. All that you are doing in collecting more chances to the lucky draw is ensuring that your phone number is listed more number of times in this array from which the lucky winner is selected. In essence, you are trying to increase your probability of winning but not there is no surety.

Leader-Board Wins: The second kind of reward program is a guaranteed win to the top chance collectors in a day and month. So if you have collected enough chances in a day, such that you make it in the top 20 (subject to change with time) of the day or month, we will give out a special leader board reward to such individuals. Please note that if you had enough chances and you were ranked #85, does not mean you have qualified in the 125 lucky draw prizes of the day. This rank 85, does not get you into the 125 prizes that are determined via a lucky draw.

In summary, your daily and weekly chances contribute toward Lucky Draw Wins, and your rank counts towards the Leader board Reward.

Just Skrilo.




Still 1 - Eye for Winning Rs

Lets say there are only 2 people in the game, A & B.  Both A & B are offered an opportunity to collect equal chances (tickets). However, A & B have their own response rate and so:

  • A collects 7 free chances (some other place it would be like buying 7 tickets).
  • B collects 3 free chances (equivalent to buying 3 tickets).

So total of 10 chances (tickets) have now been collected in total, from which one has to decide who is a lucky winner.

[Remember both could have collected the same number of chances, because the opportunity to do so was same for both A & B. Its just that A collected more]

Now 10 tickets (7 of A + 3 of B chances) are put in a basket. A neutral person with eyes closed (think computer) is randomly asked to pick a lucky winner.

  • Who is more likely to be picked a winner?
  • Yes A, because A has more tickets in the basket.
  • Is A guaranteed to be a winner?
  • No, its possible B can be picked though its likelihood was lower.
  • Does it help if I had more chances?
  • Yes. Because its like having more tickets in hand!

Now, imagine this example with many more people in the game. You have Skrilo! When you collect Skrilo chances, you are automatically entering the free prize draw which are held daily and monthly. No additional steps to eligibility.

Of course, terms and conditions apply.
Just Skrilo




Still 2 - Stareway to Millions Rs FB Advert Campaign (1024x536)

Skrilo’s very first consumer reward program started with one simple thought.

If one uses a slice of the marketing budgets of brands / businesses and distributes it equally among all the individuals it is trying to get to, every body will get close to nothing. Small rewards. Peanuts. It’s simple Math.

However, if this was distributed through a fair, random selection process to lucky winners, each winner can take a large sum home.

This way, Skrilo can meaningfully impact lives of families, one step at a time. What’s cooler, is that it will take no investment and no wager from its users participating in such a possibility.

With this novel concept, which also happens to be “a global first”  in the world of mobile advertising and marketing, we took our first steps forward.

Rise Skrilo. Just Skrilo


Still 5 Sara Khel Nazar Ka Hain RsThe first time ever.

Skrilo is Innovation. Skrilo is Rewards.

Skrilo is a full suite mobile marketing platform founded in 2015. In a world of Intrusive Marketing, we are creating a Paradigm Shift. Skrilo’s mission is to drive high quality B2C engagement by offering businesses a dedicated, non-intrusive channel to reach out to their end consumers in a smart and targeted manner.

WIN-WIN @ Skrilo

A Win for the Business : Skrilo is a mobile-first online marketing platform that effectively connects brands and businesses to the end consumers. Corporates, brands and business owners have the opportunity to create quality engagement with end users for their targeted campaigns, content, coupons and deals.

A Win for the Consumer : Skrilo is an innovative ‘one of its kind’ reward platform. It aims to bring you a very interesting portfolio of rewards, so the “almighty” Consumer can decide how to monetize their time in the app! In the very first reward plan of Skrilo, Consumers participate & get a free entitlement towards a Lucky prize draw when they voluntarily engage with the content at Skrilo.

Download Skrilo and join us in this revolution today.